Monday, July 13, 2009

false hope.

got a letter from reader's digest that had those 3D magic-eye patterns (like on pay slips) on the outside and with an "URGENT NOTIFICATION" written on it.

it said: we wish to contact you regarding the above $550,000 sweepstakes ID no. ----------. please call us at the above number or visit our website within the next 7 days.

obviously i was like WHAT. HALF A MILLION DOLLARS?! WE DON'T EVEN READ READER'S DIGEST and the mother said 'why did they send this to us? it's supposed to go to ultimo' and then even more panic since i thought someone was missing out on their prize. then i read the letter properly and ultimo was the Reader's Digest's address. and the letter was addressed to the "householder" so basically. nobody won anything.

(what does "sweepstakes" mean?)

yea anyway.
went to the website. and now we're in the draw to win $550,000! it would be good if we win. they also tried to get you to subscribe to be in an additional draw to win a big BMW and another $110,000 but no. i read the fine print. i wonder why they're so generous. didn't know anybody actually reads that magazine..

made black sesame ice cream today :D ie. mixed black sesame powder with vanilla ice cream yummmmm
it's way cheaper too! only $2 for four plentiful packs of sesame powder. which can make a lifetime supply of black sesame ice cream. mmmmmm.

gonna go on a skins marathon now :D borrowed seasons 1 & 2 x)

*update*ahahahahhaha 'sweepstakes' actually means a draw aahhaha.... ahhh vocab let me down....

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