Friday, July 24, 2009

温泉まんじゅう くん

onsen manju-kun.

what i cannot resist throwing my money away on everytime i go to capitol square.
i spend $5 each time, trying to get the super cute curry manju. obviously i fail since they're so round and the ufo-catcher arm is too small to infiltrate the plushy mountain :(

these pics are from the official site and korichan's blog.

it seems they're acquaintances with the hannari tofu..?

curry-kun on the bottom left! red one is chinese manju-kun

bottom orange one is yuzu manju-kun.


started making the martha stewart cream puffs - the cream filling and tart dough which is gonna go on top of the choux pastry to make it have a crunchy/cookie-like top, hopefully.

yum cha tomorrow! :D

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