Thursday, January 14, 2010

mmmm downloading stuff from the uni computer is great XD
better change location now though, a notice came up saying "a high amount of traffic exceeding 50MB in the last 10 minutes was noticed" or something. weeeeee

:( #1 forgot to play internet again after borrowed the books
:( #2 'recalling' a book borrowed by somebody else is EVIL. and pointless. you can't be guaranteed it for at least a week anyway. no one recalled my books. just that i was planning to photocopy them in indo where it will be really cheap, but now i am scared because the fine for a recalled item is $2 a day and the maximum is $160 T__T
so i think i will have to go back and return them. :( for the bus fare, walking effort, time wasted.
i forgot that photocopied stuff will probably not be very popular if gonna be resold.

oh btw, instead of typing yumm! all the time, i can do this :9
ahahahha lameeeeee and so very dateddd.... but i have forgotten about using numbers in emoticons

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