Monday, January 11, 2010


after months of staring at and fruitless-ly attempting to get the super cute curry manju-kun from capitol square's ufo catchers, I HAVE FINALLY COME OUT VICTORIOUS! *cue slow mo music of tears of joy*
while waiting to meet up with friends for dinner, i saw a BIG CURRY MANJU-KUN IN A CONVENIENTLY ROLLABLE POSITION NEXT TO THE DROPPING SPOT. i repeat. a BIG version of the same doll i've been wanting. omg. so i put in $5, and on the third go, it picked it up slightly, rolled it towards the drop spot... and IT TUMBLED GLORIOUSLY IN! omg i was so happy i picked it up and couldn't stop smiling! so i walked to the other side of the game machines area and along the way, smiled really widely to a stranger that was trying to find money left in the machine's coin slots and received a smile in return too ;D ahhhhhh what a great start to a night!
unfortunately, many, ie. nobody turned up except C & her friend C2.
but after lots of eating, a nice chat waiting for the bus and during the bus ride, i had a wonderful night.
me very pleased indeedio!

mame-kun (bean) from ching!

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