Sunday, January 10, 2010

i hate mosquitos.

- zooms around your ear and wakes you up
- attacks all open skin except that which is most useful at defending oneself (arms)
- likes eyelids very much. i wake up with no eyelid-fold on one eye so i look like that animated igor character.
- makes you turn on all the lights in the room, get out of bed, lift and shake curtains and everything on the bed repeatedly. stand in the middle of the room, look around trying to spot it. time passes. lie down back on the bed, turn off light. mmmm good sleep. buzzing again. repeat. give up.

note that (i'm assuming) the SAME mosquito has been in my room at night for TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!!!!! made me wake up at 3am and ended up eating mi goreng and downloading yakitate. so that's not a bad thing really.

itch count:
face 6
arm & finger 3
leg and BOTTOM OF FOOT 7

thank goodness they're the spot ones and not like after you hit your head on a corner. and not scabbing. (please).

cute cloud from last night:

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