Sunday, September 20, 2009


(cat sound fx)

yesterday, kmart was giving away free friskies - which just happened to be the usual flavour she eats! so with multiple trips to eastgardens, with the many people who happened to come over yesterday... ended up getting ELEVEN:

ahahahhahahhaha what a cheapo ;D


our backyard fence got replaced to a metal one, since the wood was getting old n it started tipping over. so now biscotti can't climb it :( and since she's an unsocialised cat, got scared seeing people in the backyard last night and ran like a stupid cat and meowed like after she got desexed or when it's raining really hard. n she jumped to grab onto the smooth metal fence and just slid and crashed back down T__T twice too T__T

n all the backyard plants have been ripped out. so her daytime sleep spots are gone... so now she disappears in the day.. and yesterday she didn't come for breakfast, but came back chubby at night... somebody might have fed her. since she's so cute :D ahahha

anyhoo. gotta study study study!

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