Monday, September 28, 2009

i lie.

THIS is the most exciting part of today.
look what package just came:

an electronic sudoku game!
i did a lifestyle survey last month for "Roy Morgan" - still haven't googled them. apparently it's very renowned. and after the interview and filling in stuff, they left a SERIOUSLY 1cm thick book with the kind of old faxes thin pages for me to fill in endless questions about my preferences: holiday (where, why, how long, future), brands i've heard about (for financial institutions, booze), what i drink (blank.), what i buy in the supermarket, what types of toothpastes i've tried/used, types of milk, sports-related questions, etc etc etc times 100 pages plus. it took me about 3 hours to fill. and also had to keep a tv, radio and mail-received diary.

back to the gift:

it's so... cool.. ahaha what else can u describe a high-tech sudoku game with?
it's a touch screen version, and batteries were included.

that's it.
:D !
now you know what i'll be doing anywhere i'm bored! bus trips will be fun :D :D :D

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