Monday, February 14, 2011

well, i can't sleep. so i'll just post some photos of biscotti (btw, 'progress'? she comes out from underneath the couch during the day if i tap some canned food with her spork. but any slight weird noises/people walking then she'll go back to hiding)

look how big her tail got!! this was a short time ago when she was playing chase with her (shoe lace tied to a pipe cleaner with a feather on the end) toy. i've never seen it this fluffy! ;D

these are from the first day of the house move, when she slept under my bed, i assume, after being too tired from being stressed and meow-ing constantly.

p.s. carnivore poo STINKS.


  1. thanks katrina :) i love looking at your blog (even though i have zero photoshop skills!) and seeing your cute pug!