Thursday, February 10, 2011

nintendo 3DS

just went to see the nintendo 3DS preview at myer and i am just 8O astounded at the technology!!! the 3DS were attached via a cord to the belt the people working there wore, and at first we were just shown the demo games (can't press any buttons, can just watch previews) and even that was amazing - the 3D screen was wider than the previous DS, and even when the 3D effect was switched off, the quality of the images were still amazing! but then... just around the corner, is another table where there was something called "augmented reality" (ooooohh!!). this was the coolest thing i've ever seen. there was this flimsy looking paper card on a table, and when you pointed the camera to view and pressed "a", a box appeared and a game started where you had to aim and shoot at the creature that pops out of the box, and since you're holding the ds like a video camera thing, you can look at the object from all angles! it was so cool! and there was also a version where instead of a box with a creature inside, it was a dragon that could attack you back, and you had to shoot at it to defeat it. it was so futuristic! and after being so amazed at that, turned out that there were actual games that we could play!! we played capcom's street fighter. and remembering the original gameplay on play station whilst looking into the 3DS screen at the version they've done, it's just so WHOAAAAAA! the characters can move in all 3 dimensions!! and as well as the arrows and four buttons, you could also use the touch screen to enable the combo moves! i can't wait til it's released, and i'll just hang out in myer and play it! (unfortunately, it is quite expensive at $349, and the games are going to be region locked - from what i heard anyway. but considering what it does, how unbelievably, yes i'll use the overused word, awesome, the images are, and that games like metal gear solid can be played in the clearest quality ever, it can be comparable to a larger game console that costs about the same) one day when i have a job and self-sufficient, i'll get it, but in the meantime, just being amazed at the technology is way more than enough! *walks away from the too short play session in amazement*.

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