Friday, February 26, 2010

neigh, oink, moo, baa.

gosh my computer has been neglected for too long.
have 903 unread rss feeds O___O. overwhelming.

back from camden today. a week of animal-handling pracs and our group was the luckiest in terms of weather :D the hottest first day we had a relaxing day with horses that's mostly in the shade, then the hottest day with cattle turned out to be the on a cloudy day, and stinky pigs was also on a not too hot day. sheep was so fun (though not all the poking through their holes to get poo samples or stick hormone sponges in) cos at the end of the day we had this race to tip sheeps over, drag them and drop them down this metal chute (like a water slide! but without water). and whoever's team was the fastest could decide if their team or the loser's team members goes down that slide too, but we all ended up sliding down it and it was fun :D some muscled people basically just picked the sheep up and threw it down D:
but migod going back home on public transport was SO TIRING - carrying a week's worth of luggage like sheets and dirty clothes and stuff - and by the time we got on the bus felt so dehydrated.. and muscle pain was like the first time with the sheep. ie when i couldn't open water taps, and had my steak dinner cut up for me.
(and for family members who know. yes, obviously it wasn't all happy-animal-land. i had gary-san accompany me in the toilet.)
oh, and they don't have norit here. the pharmacist checked his computer and asked if it was the water purifier one... and i said i didn't think so... i don't know actually.
(this might have been the reason) and we went to this river where some people swam -i didn't bring a swimming costume -but later, thankfully- but i just dipped my legs in. and some people also jumped from a bridge into the water D: and the next day, found from the cow lady that near the river was where sewage is released. probably treated. but still.
and kinda unrelated: the other cow lady said "i'd rather drink a cup of water with a drop of shit in it, than a whole cup of shit." ahahhahahaha.

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