Friday, February 19, 2010

kino. ya!

for the first time, a kino book is cheaper than other bookstores!
currently reading the mysterious benedict society (the first in a series)
it's lemony snicket-y!

(going to the farm for animal handling assessments on monday til friday... haiyahhh.... gonna have a pile of dirty, smelly clothes.... ihhhhh)

but i'm excited for the next day after that, because it's the ARANZI ARONZO FAIR at kinokuniya!!!! the actual aranzi aronzo people are gonna be there!!!!!!!! omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
-to be accurate, it's a general "craft fair" but i'm just extremely eager to see the aranzi things-
i'll be sure to take lots of photos! took some of their gajillion collection of stuffs for sale today with the camera phone. their stuff are actually reasonably priced without the shipping fee :D but seriously after coming back from indo, i think i need to resist. i'll just consider buy or not buy? for ages until i decide no. (unless... ahahhaa. NO.)

*update: they were not there T__T they are just coming to pick up their items... i thought they were gonna have a talk T__T

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