Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the irritation continues... turns out the annoying news yesterday was due to HUMAN ERRORRRRRRRRR hmmmphhhhhh!!!
and it'll take me TWO HOURS to get home from that faraway & scary looking place at NIGHT. when the actual visitation only lasts 2 hours as well!!! whyyyyy someone invent teleportation pleaseeeee T__T!

for some happier news:

it's chocolate society's "African-themed" HIGH TEA tomorrow!! there's gonna be lots of different flavours of tea: darjeeling, English breakfast, chamomile, green tea, earl grey, lemon & orange, Kenya highlands.
scones, sandwiches, eclairs, cream stuffs, cheeses, as well as this special "fake champagne" - a 'sparkling fruity beverage'.
yes. quite excited. and it's all you can eat & drink too! (after paying $3 if ur a member :D)

hopefully they still have some of the special sounding drinks when i get there... an hour after it starts! and they're gonna have a raffle for passionflower vouchers :)

et aussi,
finally get to see UP next sunday!!! oh oz-land you have finally caught up! yippeee~

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