Monday, August 17, 2009

Ehem Sad. Poo.

whyyyyyyyyyyyy my ESP placements have been changed from riverview to riverstone!!! maybe ms strange (yes that is her real last name) thought that it wouldn't be too dramatic... riverview to stone... like i did initially. but then went to the site to check what rank it was in my preference and it was #28! and i thought 20 was bad already T___T and then went to, and saw that it went from 1 hour bus ride, to 1.10 min TRAIN ride!!! tearrrrrrrrrr i have a fear of using trains T__T
and even though i was kinda excited about the street name - garfield rd-, i google mapped it, and the picture looks like an old haunted house made of rickety wood T___T. and went to their website, and they used a winking face emoticon to advertise discounts for desexing (!!!)
and just because there's neverending resources on the www, zoomed out on the google map, and saw that it was about 20cm away from Sydney on a pretty zoomed out view!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(btw, ESP placements is where you go to a vet clinic for 2 hours for 3 sessions and observe, learn, do some work experience. haha yea as usual i am over dramatic with this rant.. 2 hours only... at least there's public transport.. i've heard other people got their 40th preference or something! but STILLLLLLLLLL i was quite happy with my first place :( and there was someone i know already that has a live-in position there and said they were nice.... and their website looked nice and smily and happy and professional.. and non wood-ricketty-like.....)

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