Sunday, December 23, 2012

bun update

it's been a really long time since i've posted any bunny pictures on this blog. mostly cos i never take my phone/camera when i go outside to their area (and that they're always moving around and hard to take pics of..) 

news since the last time:

- Bernie is actually a girl. i've never bothered to look at her genitals ever since the previous owner told me (4 years ago) that she was a boy and that he's been desexed.. i assume this desexing history is accurate, since she's not moody/aggressive like girl bunnies and she doesn't have a dewlap, which my friend told me is a secondary sex characteristic (ie. needs oestrogen to maintain).
- Mimi got desexed cos i got paranoid ever since our exotics lecturer told us how common uterine cancers were in rabbits as they get older. but then this was followed by TWO bouts of gut stasis and inappetence (ie. super stressful time for her and me). had to force feed her five times a day with special food and give her a gut motility thing (which made me feel like a drug dealer cos i had to empty the capsule and divide the powder into one-fifth portions using a name card). obviously i thought often whether i would have gotten her desexed if i had the chance to go back in time, and if i was advising a pet owner i would really warn them about having to make an effort to feed them every few hours and staying calm when you wait for the medicine to work. she even gained weight after this (cos she only lost 0.01g when i took her back to the vet, and i'm sure the uterus they took out was much heavier - apparently it was big and took longer than usual to take out). i was so grateful she was still willing to swallow the food that i squirted to the back of her mouth... but yeah. it's been nearly a month since the operation and she is a different bunny! less anxious / trying to assert her dominance on Bernie/her area - which means that she's not humping Bernie, more willing to come to me and be patted on the head (though having her wrapped in a towel and on my lap while getting force fed several times a day probably got her used to me -_-"), and generally seems calmer and enjoying life more (obviously i'm just guessing..).

ok. finally pics-time!

short bun feet XD

same colour!

bernie looks like a grandpa haha big eyebrow area

mimi's been licking my toes since yesterday. i don't know why.

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