Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some people need to realise that "Stress" is not an imaginary thing. It's caused by hormones (corticosteroids) that affects how the body functions. People can die from stress - e.g. before/during/after surgery, if not enough pain relief (analgesia) or enough anaesthetic depth is provided, excessive release of these hormones can cause blood vessels to constrict meaning essential organs don't get enough blood supply - ie. it doesn't receive enough oxygen and the tissue dies. For example, during surgery you can get kidney failure (and its accompanying complications, including death) just from receiving insufficiently managed stress. Stress is real. Like being stabbed. Only you can't see the little knives, a.k.a. the hormones, initiating their effects.

(important to note: stress hormones obviously have an essential function that i have excluded in this rant post).

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