Wednesday, July 11, 2012

felt sloth

made this for an upcoming friend's "silly headgear"-themed party ;D (yes, the sloth will be sloth-ing on my head XD!)

it's supposed to be a three-toed sloth, but i didn't want the claws to poke my head / fall off from being handled too much, so temporarily (or more likely, permanently, since i'm too lazy to add the claws) it's a no-toed sloth!

as usual, i used pipe cleaners to make the internal scaffold: one for the body and a loop at one end for the head, and one each for the forelimbs and hindlimbs (looped around the body pipe cleaner). and then i just wrapped a bunch of wool fibres around the pipe cleaners, kinda like applying a thick bandage, and then just poked it with the needle until it's tight enough. and then just kept on building with more wool fibres until it had the right shape and the right colour. and i also added some green wool on the surface, since sloths are so slow-moving that they have moss growing on their fur XD!

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