Sunday, March 25, 2012

sorry for the lack of posts >__<"! i've moved to another uni campus now and weekends back at home are becoming so much more precious :( i love sydney! (i always wondered why it's so much more unacceptable to say that you don't like country-living compared to saying that you don't like city-living... people and things in general are so much more diverse in the city...anyway, not a topic to go into now.) anyway, the reason for me appearing here is to rant (as usual): When a person asks you a question, WHY NOT ANSWER IT?? Why be a troll and talk down on a person for not knowing (even though the answer was not previously available) instead of helping them understand..???! Anyway, I am also annoyed at the faculty's inorganisation. We've had more than five copies updating the timetable; assessments do not have clear instructions, weightings, or marking criteria; due dates are not stated clearly (and it turns out that one is to be due only two weeks after the due date was revealed). Can you tell I take this seriously? I am using capital letters where they should be used. Please be less unhelpful!!

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