Saturday, February 18, 2012

nike air force 1 low light - metallic dark grey

NEW SHOES! got the nike air force 1 low light (metallic dark grey colour) from hype today.

originally i went into the store to try out nike shoe sizes since i was eyeing this particular one from urban outfitters which looked nice and was a decent price. and when the store worker asked if i needed help with sizing i just picked the one i was looking at without much thought... and after looking at them properly and trying them on, they looked good! less in-your-face than the other one, but still had the gold dust (metallic) look that isn't too bright in the light (it really isn't! u can see it, but it's minimally reflective... if that makes sense) and it was comfortable too. so i said i'd think about it cos i was still contemplating the other style. so went to get some free maccas berry shake with the coupon from the herald and sat for a while using their free internet to look for other images of the shoe and see if there are any cheaper ones online. then read for a while in kino. and then went back and *thumbs up, grin* yay! me got some new treads! (yo.)

ok enough commentary. photos.

(cool, huh? i hv a light box thing to photograph objects ;) haha just kidding - it was in the bathtub ^__^")

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