Friday, September 30, 2011

i'm both scared & intrigued - the first time i've heard of this topic. don't think i can bring myself to watch it when it's released..

We Need To Talk About Kevin synopsis & trailer.
interview with the author.

Tilda Swinton makes strange films. like that bioterrorism trial documentary, Strange Culture.

p.s. relating to nature v's nurture, this article from national geographic from earlier this year is interesting (on animal domestication): Taming the Wild
and if you want to see more media things on psychopaths, here's a documentary that was aired on abc last year: I, Psychopath (makes you wonder about the various people you've met in life..whether you want to or not)
- synopsis from the abc website
- watch online

disclaimer: i am not obsessed with these disturbing topics! i was just taken by reading the article last night and reminded me of the other two links. you know.. after-midnight-thinking-modes stay with you for longer...

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