Sunday, August 7, 2011

home stuffs!

tapehook (torafu architects via gadget-o)

dry erase clipboard (urban outfitters)

lemon, garden & hanging garden recipe cards (rifle paper co.)

my egg & soldiers (takae mizutani via welcome home)

toast-shaped egg molder (fred flare)

toasted coaster (urban outfitters)

gummi bear jelly mold (fred flare)

trompe l'aundry hamper (modcloth)

worth the watt universal adapter (modcloth)
other colours available!

this is one of the most practical & wonderful products i've ever seen! it's silicone available to buy by the general public! its properties (as taken from its web page): 'cures'/dries at room temp to a tough & flexible silicone, self adhesive, heat/cold resistant from -60 to 180 degrees celcius, waterproof, dishwasher proof.
i want to get some to seal some holes in my shoe (so that i can use it when it's raining!) but i don't think i can finish all before they expire - so instead of being bendy/flexible, it snaps. might get it when more holes accumulate in the shoes..
anyway, click here to see what people have used sugru for.

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