Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i don't know where i got it from, either from the music i downloaded (even though the McAfee site advisor was green!) or from a random email i got from a contact that doesn't usually email me. probably the email.

it was a NEVER-ENDING scam-y pop-up of "download me download me download me" type stuff (like the things that pop up suddenly during uni lectures saying that the computer has an insane amount of faults to be fixed - like 20,000 or something).

now i downloaded (well finally renewed my subscription to) the McAfee Security Center, and the problem is nearly gone (just one pop-up, not a gajillion) hopefully after the McAfee scan is finished, everything will be back to normal.

thank goodness i got this type of virus though - one that doesn't destroy anything but is just annoying.

moral of the story: you have to surrender some money to keep your comp safe *sigh from the unemployed*.

hope your night is better than mine. i hate uni hours at the moment. just thought somebody should know.

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