Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rectangle, moon, bunnies.

this is a stalker shot of the woman who sometimes walks her dog infront of our house. her dog is so funny looking! i can't help but laugh cos it's so TALL and RECTANGULAR!! ahahahhahaha and its legs stay so straight whenever it's walking - like a wind-up toy moving XD. and the roly poly owner with the afro just looks like an animated character! ahahahhaha lol

the very bright & round moon a few nights ago (nearly cny time!)

and now for the bunnies :D! mimi looks really cute and docile here, whilst bernie looks grumpy & disapproving - the opposite of real life.

what a cute face shape! reminds me of the first times i tried drawing sentarou.

such big ears!

ears getting cleaned

cute face, but damn weed blocking.

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