Friday, November 26, 2010

anita jeram & dick king-smith

another picture book post! unfortunately, there are not many images available online - all the ones here are from amazon & google images, so i suggest you go to a bookstore or library and admire their fluffiness there x)!

I Love Guinea Pigs by Dick King-Smith, illustrated by Anita Jeram

most of you will probably know anita jeram from that really popular mother's day present book quite a few years ago called 'Guess How Much I Love You', but i only started actively seeking more of her work because of this book - the illustrations are soooo cuteee! T__T and i tried copying it, but gave up and ended up tracing it and colouring it with pencils. anyway.
to my surprise, dick king-smith's writing was quite informative too! i thought it'd be just story telling.

All Together Now by Anita Jeram

this book, i actually own (well a combined version called 'Bunny Love' with the book above & 'Bunny My Honey'), so i don't have to go to the library to smile stupidly at a book. instead of guinea pig adorable-ness, it's Mummy Rabbit, Bunny, my Honey, Little Duckling & Miss Mouse.

the message: find her books. it will be worthwhile ;D

book depository: i love guinea pigs, all together now, bunny my honey

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