Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahhh feeling so snug at the moment.. eyes half-open, feeling heat coming out and getting trapped underneath the many layers of clothes on my arms. window-shopping online, and can't wait to use the bath bombs/salts which i just remembered i still have ;) probably tomorrow, so hopefully it stays this cold! ahhaha the only good thing about this cold at the moment.. this is the first winter where i've experienced muscle pain and headaches, and my feet have not been exposed to much air - only when i need to shower and take off the wonderful invention of the sock. anyhoo, so what have i been doing these holidays? not much, just couch-potato-ing which is most likely not helping the muscle pains. also, finally catching up on inuyasha! the final part of the anime finished this year.
well, back to net browsing!

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